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"Miss Liberty"
("Why?" "Because I already do.")
A group of girls forms a band called Miss Liberty. They become strong, heal themselves, and save the world.

This Spring and Summer wrapping
""The Tissue Issue" a Sports Illustrated style bathing suit magazine issue is sued for copyright infringement. Several of the bathing suit cover models are called to testify about what it's like to be on a swimsuit shoot.

Gitmo Titmo
Wild Moose Chase

Excursions Limited is deep into lots and lots of projects.  Most of them are in development or production and need crew, talent, novice actors, casts of thousands, interns. Some are in post-production and might need editors, public relations, marketing help.  We're a tiny production company (especially for all the projects we have greenlit) with the philosophy that folks need to get the chance to prove what they can do, whether it's an amateur trying to go professional or a pro trying to do some other type of function in the movie production process .   We do documentary films and live events but we concentrate mostly on hard to make, long-term full-length movie projects for release to theaters.  We take our time, if we need to, to get the project done right.  We even, sometimes, put projects on the web to be audience-tested by the public at large.  The following list of our projects is in alphabetical order, which is no indication of the state of or progress of or the importance of the movie.  Follow the links to see the latest update. Bad Auditions is a movie in support of a book on the same subject. Bad Azzes is a movie in development because of how many of our actresses want to play spies and good gals and skilled killers. "Calm B4" is a documentary about the moods of the USA populace.  Do Shit Get Fit (originally "Destroying Diabetes") is a documentary shooting now about the obesity crisis.  E Chaff is a documentary about combating privacy invasions and information brown-outs, black-outs and overloads.  We had a movie in development that we were calling "Exit Strategy", but someone beat us to it so we're revamping the script to be "Exit Strategy (The Musical)". Fcked Again is a post-apocalyptic movie about hard times for most of the human race.  "Flat Broke and Busty" is a wild docu-drama comedy about an heiress and a down-on-his-luck musician.  "Freak King" is another docu-drama about being a freak.  GiTMO T.I.T.M.O. is our GTMO "Terrorist Interrogation Team --Mainland Operations" movie. "Gitmo (The Musical)" is our tongue-in-cheek parody of our own GTMO movie."Gitmo the Movie" is a 'making of' documentary movie about alphabet soup agents and the making of GiTMO T.I.T.M.O.  "Habeas Corpus" is our outrage movie about the suspension of habeas corpus that happened in the last decade in the USA.  Habeas Corpus (The Musical) is also on the way Habeas Corpus (The Musical) -- We need a female lead who can sing, dance and act for the musical and a full cast and crew of dancer/actor/singer triple threat talent "Hippie High" is our 'high school students save the school' contribution and one of the few family rated movies we have in the works.  Local teenaged actors please send audition requests to be a part of this show"I Take A Piece" is an expose of agency business meant to tickle the funny bone and inform.  "Miss Liberty" is based on a story of the Princess of Romania and features real teen-aged musicians, writing and playing their own music which saves the world. It is also a family oriented movie. Local teenaged actors please send audition requests to be a part of this show The fan site is "Because I Already Do".  "Nature View" is a documentary about finding and filming the most beautiful sights of our USA and world.  "NuSwap" is a documentary about US currency and laws pertaining to barter.  "On Overload" is a crazy, zany, look at life 'on overload'.

"Oops, I Feel Like a Woman" is a look at Mariah Carey, Brittany Spears, Shania Twain-style stardom.  Outtick is a horror show.  The other horror shows in development are "Last Concert Cafe", "Tattoo Virus One", and "A Method To Madness"  "Ploything" is a movie based on the poetry and life of QZ Blaze.   "Release Procedure" is another take on what we learned from our  SERE, Military and other alphabet soup whistle-blowers.  "Rights, Camera, Action!" is our look at photography as art and art in society. "Scene-Work" is a documentary on acting.  "The Constant Shakespeare" is a documentary about how important Shakespeare has been to live theater. "The Sham" is a Moliere-esque farce about a waiter mistaken for a famous composer.   "The Tissue Issue" is our gigantic court-room drama about two magazines 'Sunup Sundown Magazine' and 'Fun Up Fun Down Magazine' fighting over art and copyright issues. "TissIss" is about........................  Titmo is about......................  U-Beg (originally Wild Woman Worth Saving) is a look at dealing with desperation.  'Whip Shows' is in development and is about misogyny .  "Wild Moose Chase" is a comedy about a news reporter who keeps getting misled and is on his own wild moose chase. "Whales" is about trying to get noticed and heard.  "Dr. Hashrari" is about the middle eastern american issues.  King of the Blues is a documentary about fame. 

























Progressive Premieres is..............

Audition Online is our way of trying to attract talent who can't necessarily get to an individual audition in person.  Act-ors is our site for exposing the "or" side of some of the actors we run into.  Most of our experiences are wonderful, but actors can really damage a project, especially by starting shooting and leaving in the middle.  There's usually no way to sue for the amount of time and money we lose if that happens, so Act-ors is our way of warning other producers about the experience we had with certain people.

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