Excursions Limited
Video, Movie, and Live Event Production

"Oops, I Feel Like a Woman" a movie based on the career of a Shania Twain, Britney
Spears, Mariah Carey type of singer, exposing the foibles of the music business and the pitfalls of striving for fame.

"The Tissue Issue" a Sports Illustrated style bathing suit magazine issue is sued for copyright infringement.  Several of the bathing suit cover models are called to testify about what it's like to be on a swimsuit shoot.

Hippie High
Exit Strategy
The Sham
Gitmo Titmo
Wild Moose Chase

We need Male and Female Leads for the full length movie, "The Sham" a Peter Sellers type comedy.  Also need several extras, crew and support actors for this one.  Come join in on the fun. 

"Ploything" a comedy-suspense shooting soon.

serial net story "Hippie High" our first show aimed at high school aged audiences and including many teenagers in the cast.  All actors and crew under 18 need to bring parent or guardian to a separate "under-aged" audition

training actors for our Shakespeare movies, starting with "Romeo and Juliet" 

"Die Jammin" is a spy-musical with a spice girl type band(horns too)in a charlotte's angels type setting.  We need female musicians who can play their instruments on film and/or nice looking  female actors who can act like they play instruments. 

"Miss Liberty" is another take on the all female band, but is a romantic comedy about a group of girls for whom music is the only escape.

"Last Concert Cafe" will resume shooting in the Spring (on hold now) but we need cast members and make-up artists who can do a horror film so get on file for that.

"Tattoo Virus One" a feature length horror-suspense about tattoo people has  we need to catalogue actors with tattoos for that show to begin shooting.  We need tattoo artists.

serial show about a samurai-magnificent 7 type of female "bad-azzes"

I promised some handicapable folks several years ago that I would do an
all-handicapped show called "Gimps"
We are collecting audition information for actors for that show.

A serial soap opera which recreates the horrors of abu ghraib and guantanemo. We especially need some adventursome actresses for this one.  The working title on this one is "Gitmo"  and needs some psychologically strong female actors who can deal with the horrors of the subject matter.

EVERY person who auditions for us can put "Wild Moose Chase" as a speaking credit on their resume if they prepare and allow us to film a few seconds of monologue sending a poor fool on a "wild moose chase"  -- the bit should start something like --- "Moose?  You're looking for moose?  I heard there were moose... (on the moon-whatever)"

Auditiononline.org will be doing a world-wide search for lead characters for the soap "Wild Woman Worth Saving" with a new concept for casting online.
Any actress who prepares a monologue to be filmed as audition for the role "Wild Woman Worth Saving" that ends up online as an example, will get promo credit with Audition Online -----  Prepare a monologue which depicts a woman who is wild and is on her last leg, desperately in need of saving from whatever "wild" is and is making a video plea to an organization which "saves" folks from impossible problems. Please limit it to under 10 minutes.  -- bring appropriate clothing for monologue.

Although we want everyone to profit and grow from association with our productions, we are on tiny budgets and use a lot of folks who need experience and interns.  For most major roles, we can negotiate defered payment and/or percentages.  Some specilized roles will be paid daily, but these are rare.


Thanks for your time. 
Norman C. Stewart Jr.
contact auditions@excursionslimited.com

and 281 797 5388
the voice mail has been filling up, so keep trying.
I schedule from emails, so make sure I can get in touch that way too.



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